Player Selection

The Eastern Amateur accepts at least 144 players into the championship each year and another 12 spots are available through a qualifier.  Qualifier details will be posted on this site.  That is a large field but Elizabeth Manor is a fast course and we generally have no trouble getting the players around the course in 4 hours and 20 minutes.   This size field allows us to offer the opportunity to compete at a high level to many players who are looking for a competitive event.  This size also allows for a very diverse field.

    - Any player that made the cut in the previous year and submits an application by June 15th is automatically accepted.

    - We normally accept approximately 15-20 strong mid-amateurs (25 and over) and 10 top juniors.

    - Elizabeth Manor has many good players and we accept several of those members each year.

    - The remainder of the field is comprised of very strong young players mostly from the college ranks.  Most of these players are on scholarship on their teams or consistent top 5 players.

    - Each year we accept international players.  They have come from Australia, Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. 

    - We accept players who have completed college and continue to compete at a high level both regionally and nationally.


We receive more entries than we can accommodate each year.  We would like to accept all, but simply can't.  We pay attention to those players who have competed in the past as well as those who have applied but not gotten accepted in previous years and reapply.  Our tournament director has worked as a rules official for the past 30 years in college golf and keeps close tabs on the strong players.  The tournament chairman sends letters to over 70 college coaches for recommendations and receives responses from most.  In addition there are many smaller non-scholarship programs with great golfers and those also receive consideration.

The selection process is a long and complex process and we spend a great deal of time and energy to ensure we are as fair as we can possibly be.