History of the

Eastern Amateur

Eastern Amateur Golf Tournament     

Click the drop down under the History link to see the past champions and the top ten finishers and ties for every year since the tournament began in 1957. There are some interesting names from back in the "old" days.  Also notice the downward direction of the scores that it took to make the top ten.  There were a lot of 300 plus scores in the top ten in the early days, and now, 150 for two rounds will not even come close to making the cut.  Also, it is interesting to note the decrease in difference in score between the winner and the the tenth place finisher.  I think we can pretty well surmise that there are many more very good players out there than ever!   NOTE: In 2000, for the first time, a four round total under par (actually  four under) was required to make the top ten and in 2008 nine under par 271 tied for the tenth spot.  The last time 300 made the top ten was 1959; 290 last appeared in 1978 and 280 last appeared in the top ten in 2001.  The 2020 tournament was not played due to difficulties arising from the Coronavirus pandemic.