July 8th-11th, 2021  ‚Äč

Played at Elizabeth Manor Golf & Country Club

Elizabeth Manor Golf & Country Club, 1 Ace Parker Drive, Portsmouth, VA  23701

Pro Shop, 757-488-6605; Clubhouse 757-488-4534; www.elizabethmanorgolf.com

 The Eastern Amateur Field has been updated.  If your name is not on this list it means your application is either pending or to be reviewed.  We have reviewed applications received through June 15th, 2021.  Players approved for the limited qualifier, if necessary, will be notified several weeks prior to the event (maximum 30 players for 4 spots; alternates will also be prioritized from this list)  

Note to Players: We began receiving applications and checks in late February.  We are depositing them as we receive them rather than hold them for months.  We will receive more applications than spots available.  You will either be accepted into the field or accepted into the limited (30 for 4 spots) qualifier.  If you are not included in either of those, you will be refunded in full immediately.